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We always start with a free personal consultation to determine your needs. Our tried and true process is customized to find what you do best, prepare you for the job search, and equip you with a resume that gets noticed by your future employer.

The REAL cost of prolonging your search:

The average job search in 2008 took 18 weeks.  With the collapse of the economy and the rise to nearly 10% unemployment, a job search in 2011 can take up to twice that time.

If you make $50,000 per year, your 18 week job search costs you $17,307.69 or $961.38 per week in lost income. 

If you make $100,000 per year, your 18 week job search costs you $34,615.38 or $1923.07 per week in lost income.

The small investment you make in your professionally designed resume, cover letter and employment campaign will get you more interviews faster, and cut weeks off your search, which translates into money in your bank! And in many cases the costs are tax-deductible!


"Jasmine did an outstanding job on writing my resume, however it was her approach to this process that really sets Jasmine apart from the rest. She spent the necessary time to interview me and find out all of the small details to create an accurate picture which now includes many aspects of my career that I had previously overlooked. Her experience as an engineer gives her the background to use a methodical approach to her interview style as well as giving her a clear understanding of industry giving Jasmine the knowledge of what to ask in order to get detailed results. I feel that my resume now tells my potential employeers what I want to say, something it just didn't do before. Thank you Jasmine for an excellent job at a great value!!!"
G.P., Sales Professional

"The Right Resume can re-vamp any resume for any career. Their knowledge and research of resume writing is extraordinary. My best experience was their professionalism and personable attitude. The Right Resume takes your resume seriously, they are aware of the how much effort it takes to make you as an individual look career friendly on paper. You can easily hire a company or individual that will charge low prices to revamp a resume, but you will get what you pay for. With The Right Resume they will help you bring out your "hidden achievements and merits."
T.B., Mediator



Resume and Cover Letter Packages:

Our packages are designed and created specifically for you!

As an individual, you offer unique skills, experience, and most of all, a distinctive personality. Therefore, one resume or cover letter style, layout, format, or content cannot be used across the board for everyone. You deserve (and should expect) unique, personal marketing documents, which stand out above the crowd, elicits positive attention, and gets you the interview!

We work with you, via phone, email, or in person, to design a custom, attention-grabbing resume and cover letter package that gives you the added confidence you need for your job search, and in the interview.

Comprehensive resume packages include:

  • Unlimited consultations throughout the process, from initial contact to final product.
  • A custom designed resume and cover letter package.
  • Your documents reviewed by a second Certified Professional Resume Writer.
  • Final documents emailed to you in Word, PDF, and ASCII format.
  • The Right Resume's Guidelines for Getting the Job.
  • Additional resources available on our website.

Our pricing is ranged according to your experience, circumstances, and individual needs. The price ranges of prices are as follows:

New Graduate and Entry Level Resume Packages: $100 - $200
2-5 Years experience: $150 - $300
Trade positions: $200 -$400
Mid-level Management: $350 -$650
Senior and Executive-level Management: $600 +

We work with you, via phone, email, or in person, to design a custom, attention-grabbing resume and cover letter package that gives you the added confidence you need for your job search, and in the interview.

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Resume Reviews:

Don't know where to start? Let us help!

Are you under budget constraints and unable to pay for a complete package. Then maybe our Resume Review is more suited your needs. For $150, we will review your existing resume and provide concrete feedback with resources during an initial consult, give you two weeks to make those changes, then during a half hour, schedule phone consult, completely review your finalized document so you have a resume to start your job search at completion. Contact us with your latest resume to learn about this tailored process that might fit your budget.

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Targeted Professional Cover Letters:

During your job search it is important to include a cover letter to your resume. You cover letter provides that initial introduction to your potential employer. It can be tailored to give them a little insight as to:

  • Why you might be changing jobs
  • Your reasoning for being out of work for a number of years
  • Desire to change locations, travel, or to relocate
  • Succinctly present a summary of points that show your skills match the job description

... and more. This letter can have more personality behind it and let the employer know in more words why you are perfect for the position. 

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Online Profile & Networking: Leverage the Power of linked in services

The social media train is running at full speed and when employers are searching for candidates, one of the first place they look to is LinkedIN. LinkedIn is a professional network and provides you the opportunity to network with people you know as well as their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd network relations. Why not leverage that to your advantage and help achieve the results you want in your career?

Having a profile that resonates with the audience you seek is important in this age to stay ahead. Let us help you develop that profile and show you exactly how to maximize your results from this amazing tool. LinkedIn updates start at $150.

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Reference Validation:

Are you positive your references are giving the stellar recommendations you expect? If you're getting interviews, they have all went well, but you are not being offered the position, you may want to consider the information your potential employers are receiving when they contact your references. Make sure your chosen references are
conveying the message you want.

Free Consultations & Advice:

We do not believe one size fits everyone! Contact us today to discuss your situation. We will put together a package designed specifically for your needs, to get you the opportunities you are looking for.